Enhancing and Protecting Individual Rights Legislation

Giving all Individuals an Opportunity to Thrive

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Wisconsin Bill of Rights

Wisconsin Bill of Rights: Outlines a vision for the future where basic individual human rights are protected, including eliminating economic inequality, eliminating regressive taxation, ensuring access to basic services like safe drinking water, and ensuring a quality public education.

Civil Rights

Outside Investigation of Officer-Involved Shootings (2013 WI Act 348): First in the nation law to require outside investigations of shootings involving law enforcement officers.

Use of Force Standards (AB 438): Requires law enforcement agencies to incorporate specific standards into their written use of force policies.

De-Escalation Training (AB 439): Requires law enforcement officers to be trained in de-escalation.

Special Prosecutor Transparency Act (AB 155): Requires the appointment of a special prosecutor to determine whether to prosecute officer-involved death cases.

Body Camera Transparency and Accountability Act (AB 557): Creates privacy protections and guidelines for law enforcement agencies that choose to use body cameras.

Ban-the-Box (AB 879): Prohibits consideration of the conviction record of an applicant for employment before the applicant has been selected for an interview.

Closing Lincoln Hills (AB 802): Requires DOC to close Lincoln Hills within a year and develop regional facilities.

Compassionate Cannabis Care Act (AB 75): Legalizes marijuana for medicinal use.



LGBTQ Rights

Marriage & Family Equality Act (AB 816): Updates Wisconsin’s marriage and family law statutes to ensure same sex spouses are afforded full rights.

Secular Celebrants (AB 562): Adds secular celebrants to the list of individual who may officiate at a marriage in Wisconsin.

Worker’s Rights

Public Employee Non-Discrimination Act (AB 391): Outlaws retaliation when public employees exercise their First Amendment rights.

Workers’ Rights Restoration Act (AB 977): Restores 50 years of labor rights in Wisconsin by reinstating public workers’ right to collectively bargain.


Safe-at-Home (2015 WI Act 356): Creates an address confidentiality program for victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault, or stalking.

RESPECT Women Act (AB 656, AB 657, AB 658): Ensures Wisconsin women have access to comprehensive, medically-accurate reproductive health care in an environment free of harassment and intimidation, and that physicians have a right to provide it.

Restoring Family Planning Funding (AB 141): Eliminates restrictions placed on DHS for who they can distribute funds to.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Reports (AB 604): Requires DOJ to publish an annual report on domestic violence and sexual assault incidents in Wisconsin.

I have also co-sponsored legislation creating paid family leave.


I have fought state efforts to target and punish immigrant families. Instead, I have co-sponsored bills that treat the children of immigrants equally under Wisconsin law. Examples of this include AB 645, which ensures undocumented students living in Wisconsin pay in-state tuition rates, and AB 727, which does not require individuals to show citizenship documents to receive identification.


Other Legislative Advocacy