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Open, Transparent and Accountable Government

  • Democrat Chris Taylor Named to Budget Committee… (Read More)

  • Rep. Chris Taylor: GOP leaders continue retaliatory campaign against corruption probes… (Read More)

  • The ALEC Swampland… (Read More)

  • Reps. Chris Taylor and Dana Wachs: DA Should Probe Big Money that Brings Big Favors… (Read More)

  • Meet Wisconsin’s Solicitor ALEC… (Read More)

  • State Business Group Dissuaded WEDC From Contacting Kraft Heinz… (Read More)

  • Chris Taylor Offers Great Model for Connecting with Constituents… (Read More)

  • Scott Walker, First ALEC President? Long ties to Controversial Lobby Raise Concern… (Read More)

  • Wisconsin Budget Negotiations Draw Republican Bickering, Trump Jokes… (Read More)

  • As Budget Fight Rages at Home, Wisconsin’s Scott Walker Goes Abroad… (Read More)

  • Scientists Targeted for Cuts Have Studied Hot-Button Issues… (Read More)



Women’s Rights

  • Petra Dai and Rep. Chris Taylor: UW-Madison should implement sexual assault reporting system… (Read More)

  • Erpenbach, Taylor bills would undo some abortion restrictions in Wisconsin… (Read More)

  • 6 state reps: Women left out and behind by Scott Walker… (Read More)

  • Gov. Scott Walker removes most abortion coverage for Wisconsin public workers… (Read More)

  • Walker Has Slashed Women’s Health Care… (Read More)

  • Stalking, Domestic Abuse and Human Trafficking Protection Bill Clears State Assembly Committee… (Read More)

  • Attacking Planned Parenthood = Attacking Women… (Read More)

  • Wisconsin Democrats Push Back Against GOP’s Abortion ‘Junk Science’… (Read More)

  • Democrats Unveil Bill to Restore Reproductive Care Access, Abortion Rights… (Read More)

  • Chris Taylor: GOP Wants to Control Women’s Bodies… (Read More



Economic Fairness

  • Taylor bill would protect ‘innocent purchasers’ in Wisconsin from huge mitigation costs… (Read More)

  • Madison-area lawmakers: Lack of transit access to new DMV location ‘alarming’… (Read More)

  • Russ Feingold, State Rep. Chris Taylor Push Paid Time Off for Families… (Read More)

  • Wisconsin Democrats Call for Tougher Corporate Fraud Penalties… (Read More)

  • Groups Concerned that Wisconsin’s Family and Medical Leave Act is on the Chopping Block… (Read More



Safe Schools and Communities

  • After Call From Students, GOP Blocks Measure on Background Checks for Gun Purchases… (Read More)

  • Dane County leaders pressure state Republicans to take action on gun control… (Read More)

  • ‘Will today be the day when a school shooter comes?’… (Read More)

  • GOP Lawmaker Calls for Wisconsin Citizens to “Stand up and Fight Back” after East Towne Shooting… (Read More)

  • Wisconsin Lawmakers Clash on Gun Policy After Mall Shooting… (Read More)

  • Democrats Propose Banning Guns Outright on College Campuses… (Read More)



Civil Rights

  •  Dem Lawmakers Push To Legalize Medical Marijuana… (Read More)

  • Lawmaker Urges GAB to Request Funds for Voter ID Campaign… (Read More)

  • Wisconsin Democrat Urges Board to Seek Money for Voter ID Education… (Read More)

  • Madison Representative Introduces Update to Officer-Involved Shooting Law… (Read More)

  • Democrats Propose Statewide Body Camera Standards… (Read More)



LGBTQ Rights

  •  LGBT Community Holds Rally at State Capitol… (Read More)

  • Legislators to Introduce Bill Addressing Marriage Equality… (Read More)



Youth Advocacy

  •  Rep. Chris Taylor: Poisoned Politics Threaten State’s Children… (Read More)

  • Car Seat Bill Would Change Safety Requirements for Infants, Toddlers… (Read More)

  • Lead Poisoning Would Trigger Tap Water Test Under Proposal… (Read More)

  • Assembly Bill Passes Bill Requiring Children to be in Rear Facing Car Seats Until 2-Years-Old… (Read More)



Health Care Advocacy

  •  The Real Miracle at the University of Wisconsin-Madison… (Read More)


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