Government Accountability Legislation


ALEC Transparency Act (AB 976): Requires groups, including the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), to register as a lobbying organization if they write, and advocate for, model legislation.

Eliminating Voter Purge (AB 375): Eliminates the ability of the Elections Commission to remove people from the voter rolls for not voting within 4 years.

Eliminating Conflicts of Interest in Officer-Involved Deaths (AB 156): Prohibits both statutorily required outside investigators in an officer-involved death from being employed, or having an immediate family member who was employed, within the previous 10 years by the law enforcement agency they are charged with investigating.

Litigation Transparency Act (AB 487): Requires the Department of Justice to provide the Joint Finance Committee a report of all civil cases in litigation, the amount of money spent on each case, and the amount of staff time spent on each case.

Open Records (AJR 62): Creates a constitutional right for the people of Wisconsin to access, inspect, and copy government records.

Voter Education Campaign (AB 987): Mandates and funds a voter education campaign on the newly implemented voter suppression law (Voter ID).

Other Legislative Advocacy