All Wisconsin’s children deserve to grow up in a state where they have opportunities to succeed.  One of the most important jobs of legislators is to protect children, and create the conditions where they, and their families, thrive. Every child should have the right to live in a safe environment, in a stable home where they are provided life necessities.

Related Legislation:

Child Care Subsidies Act (AB 607): Makes quality improvements to the Wisconsin Shares childcare program, which serves low-income families.

Child Lead Safety Act (AB 957): Revises Wisconsin’s lead safety standards to comply with federal recommendations. Mandates paint and water testing when a child has lead poisoning and provides funding.

Children’s Outdoor Heritage Act (AJR 27): Affirms the legislature’s commitment to encouraging our children’s outdoor recreation, which lowers incidents of health and behavioral problems. This Joint Resolution passed the Assembly and Senate unanimously.

Child Safety Seats (AB 400): Updates state law to comply with the current health standard that children remain in rear-facing car seats until age 2. This bill passed the Assembly, but stalled in the Senate.

College Campus Gun Ban (AB 485): Outlaws guns and other dangerous weapons on university and college campuses.

Liquid Nicotine Safety Caps (AB 502): Requires childproof caps on toxic liquid nicotine cartridges.