Women’s Rights & Reproductive Health Care

Reproductive rights are basic human rights. Chris has fought for a woman’s right to make her own personal, private health care decisions since she was a college student volunteering as a clinic escort to help women access reproductive health care. As the former public policy director for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, Chris has seen first-hand the effort to deprive women of this most basic right. As a legislator, Chris has led the fight against the most vicious attack on women and reproductive health care that we have seen in decades.

However, Chris also knows how important it is to have a proactive reproductive health agenda. At Planned Parenthood, Chris led numerous state and local coalitions, some of which have endured for 2 or 3 legislative sessions, to pass proactive women’s health policy, including contraceptive equity in insurance coverage, comprehensive sex education for our public schools and increased access to birth control prescriptions at the pharmacy counter. Unfortunately, the GOP has gutted many of these proactive policies, but Chris keeps pushing a proactive reproductive health agenda.

111915 P.R.H.A. #12

Chris’ Legislation:

Infertility Insurance (AB 989): Requires insurance coverage of the diagnosis and treatment of infertility.

Patients Reproductive Health Act (AB 880): Ensures women across Wisconsin have access to comprehensive, medically-accurate reproductive health care in an environment free of harassment or intimidation, and that physicians have a right to provide it.

Wisconsin Bill of Rights (AJR 120): Creates an affirmative right to access reproductive health in our state constitution.

Chris has also co-sponsored legislation creating paid family leave, restoring equal pay protections, establishing a $15 minimum wage and making affordable child care accessible.