Civil & Worker’s Rights

Chris has a long career as an advocate for basic human rights, from being the policy and political director for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin to working at an advocacy organization for abused women. As a legislator, Chris strives to defend and proactively advance individual’s human rights.

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Chris’ Legislation: 

Ban-the-Box (AB 879): Prohibits consideration of the conviction record of an applicant for employment before the applicant has been selected for an interview.

Compassionate Cannabis Care (SB 789): Legalizes marijuana for medicinal use.

Fair Share Tax Act (AB 872): Restores Wisconsin’s progressive taxation system by raising income taxes on the most wealthy, repealing the largest corporate tax giveaway in WI’s history, and implementing a low and middle-income tax cut for Wisconsin’s working families.

Public Employee Non-Discrimination Act (AB 594): Outlaws retaliation when public employees exercise their 1st Amendment rights.

Reinstate the 48 (AB 354): Reinstates the 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases.

Safe-at-Home (AB 673): Creates an address confidentiality program for victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault, or stalking. This bill was signed into law in April 2016.

Wisconsin Bill of Rights (AJR 120): Outlines a vision for the future where basic individual human rights are protected, including eliminating economic inequality, eliminating regressive taxation, ensuring access to basic services like safe drinking water, and ensuring a quality public education.

Workers’ Rights Restoration Act (AB 900): Restores 50 years of labor peace in Wisconsin by reinstating public workers’ rights to collectively bargain.

Additionally, Chris has fought state efforts to target and punish immigrant families. Instead, Chris has co-sponsored bills that treat the children of immigrants equally under Wisconsin law. Examples of this include AB 929, which ensures undocumented students living in Wisconsin pay in-state tuition rates, and AB 343, which does not require individuals to show citizenship documents to receive identification.